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Sunday, November 29th, 2009
8:53 pm - Christmas list!
At long last, here are the few meagre gift ideas.. You guys can duke it out over who gets me what and feel free to branch out.

- MP3 alarm clock with remote (compatible with something other than ipod) - preferably one that doesn’t resemble a cube
- KitchenAid mixer (refurbished ones are much cheaper)
- Irish Gaelic Rosetta Stone (would have chosen Scottish, but they don't have it)
- Wicked soundtrack (OBC - Original Broadway Cast)
- Book shelves
- Gift cards for Walmart and Home Depot!
- General house warming type stuff

Urrggg! We're closing on the house tomorrow and therefore, my brain has shut down until further notice. And when that's done, I've got to cough up some wedding ideas.. sometimes I wish I had a planner for crying out loud.

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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
7:45 pm - Weakness
It’s been weeks that I’ve been fighting the urge to listen to Christmas music. Yeah, yeah, I know we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. And my usual feeling is to wait until afterwards to start it up.. The problem is that I like to have my Christmas shopping done before December and the psychotic Christian crowds start to pummel each other over the head at stores. So I broke down and started my shopping online.. And it wouldn’t be Christmas shopping without Christmas music! After only a few clicks, I’m darn near finished shopping. Which actually brings me to think of those non- procrastinators that are trying to shop for me (essentially, my mom). I figured that it would be easiest for several people if I posted a Christmas list online. I’m working on one and will post it here soonish!

So maybe I'm NOT weak, maybe I'm just not a procrastinator..

current mood: accomplished

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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
9:14 pm - Busy doing nothing
I keep telling myself that I’m going to start updating more often, but for some reason, it doesn’t happen. Maybe I’m busy. Maybe I’m busy watching mostly useless television. But how can I say that when so many GREAT shows are on these days? Shows that are so inspirational to me, that I want to get up and go do something (sing? dance?) but if I do, then.. I’ll miss watching the show. And being over all lazy.

Since I have the tv mostly to myself now, DVR (amazing contraption), and the lovely netflix, I can’t stop watching! I would cry if I missed an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Glee”, and believe you me, I am crying my damned heart out that David Tennant isn’t going to be The Doctor anymore. In fact, I have stopped watching nearly so much television in favour of trying to find the world’s greatest Dr. Who bumper sticker for Tristan (my car). I’ve found some good ones “the angels have the phone box” is a popular one, and “David Tennant is my doctor” is another. I just keep thinking that they’re not *quite* good enough. I realize that this makes me sound snotty, but it is what it is. I can’t be plastering my car with a million bumper stickers, no matter how much of a character slut I am.

This is a phrase that myself and Andrea concocted after we both fell head over heels in love with Benedict in “Much Ado About Nothing”, produced at a local theatre. We were both engaged at the time (and she is married now), and fairly enough appreciating one of the only good (and tasty) actors. I think we can all agree that it wasn’t the *actor* that took us as much as the character, considering that we had never even heard of him before. For instance, I am in love with Pippin’s Benedict, David Tennant’s doctor, Nathan Fillian’s Malcom Renyolds, Diana Gabaldon’s Jamie Fraser, etc etc. SLUT!!!!

So, as you can see, I am quite busy! Besides, I had to look up Bear Grylls's real first name..

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Sunday, October 25th, 2009
9:02 pm - It's funny when you think about it
Today was the perfect fall day so I decided that instead of sitting on my ass all day eating and watching tv, I would go out and get some things done that I’ve been meaning to do. I drove out to Stone to get some local honey at Mag’s when I thought that I could use some solace in the familiar scents, sounds, and friendly faces (or face as it were) of Wings. Wings is a lovely pagan shop that I like to frequent even if I’m not buying anything. There’s a guy that works there who inspires me. Hell if I know his name, but he always has a happy smile and actually remembers me. We usually chat about animals and healing (since he knows I work at a vet), but he has a tendency to revert the conversation to things like reiki, which is a part of a vast number of subjects that are a bit out of my relm of understanding. While I am impressed by his devotion and strength of his belief, I still have no idea what he’s talking about half the time and rarely know if I should take him seriously.

The amusing point is actually when I told the guy that I was on my way to Mag’s. He turned to me with a serious face and said that she thinks that she was Mary Magdalene in a past life and asked if she had ever told me who she thought I had been.

I’ve been inside Mag’s more than I can count, but I never really talked to the owner aside from exchanging change, special ordering herbs, etc. We’ve never talked about past lives. Don’t get me wrong, I may be a bad pagan, but I do believe in reincarnation so on the scale of crazy, this particular one did not strike too high, though.. Mary Magdalene? After relating the lack of extent to Mag conversations, this guy seemed to relax and bade me to keep it that way. The two stores are rivals, so I thought that he was being just that.

Boy was I wrong. When I went to Mag’s the store was empty except for the owner. And me. I promptly collected the things I needed and walked to the register, no dawdling. Before I even had a chance to put my things on the counter, I got a full burst of crazy directly in the face. Time seemed to slow down, my soul gasped for air. Not only did she divulge to me that she was psychic, but that Christianity was founded by women, the swine flu vaccine is fatal, and an 18 year old Great Dane told her that eating peas and drinking distilled water would cure him of renal disease. I naturally couldn’t help commending her on the age of a breed that is considered ancient at the age of 8. So. As I left the store, I couldn’t stop thinking that it wouldn’t take a psychic to read my horrified face. All I wanted was some local honey!

I’ve spent the rest of the day contemplating people and religion. We fuck it up every time. I’ll be honest. I don’t care who you do or do not pray to, what you do or not believe in, just keep it to yourself and live your life with honour and respect for yourself and others. Why can’t we all just get along?

But then again, maybe religion was created in mind for population control..

current mood: confused

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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
12:28 am - Wildlife dilemma
Most people consider where I live to be.. In the middle of nowhere. As we know, this is a relative term (it’s not exactly Kansas and could therefore always be worse). In their little world that consists of wildlife that will stand on your foot begging for a peanut, I might as well.

In my somewhat rural world, we have plenty of nice natural scared wildlife, though I’ve also noticed that there is a strange imbalance of types. While there is plenty of deer that wander aimlessly through the field and woods behind my “apartment complex” I have never seen a single rabbit. Even when I was growing up in a city that is actually considered a suburb on Craigslist, we had rabbits. They hopped through the yard nomming clover and wrecking havoc on mom’s garden. There were also squirrels that tormented our dog, ate all the bird food, and flounced about in large numbers burying our neighbours expensive flower bulbs in our yard.

Up until recently, I had only seen a squirrel on two occasions and I had thought it to be the same squirrel. The other day.. I saw TWO squirrels in the field at THE SAME TIME!

I also must explain that our neighbourhood is infested with countless numbers of ferrell cats and of course my own two cats that refuse to stay indoors without destroying/urinating on everything in their path. This could always explain the lackage of squirrels and bunnies.. But what about our several rather rapidly growing families of groundhogs?

This had me absolutely flabbergasted for quite some time until I just so happened to glance out the window to see my cat, Henry (the accomplished hunter that frequently presents my welcome mat with dead plucked birds), facing off daddy groundhog. I watched with amazement as the groundhog ran (fat rippling) headlong towards Henry. Henry, horrified at the prospect of having the hunter/hunted relationship reversed, took several terrified steps back before he turned tail and ran.

I have come to conclude that unless there are wild bunnies as vicious as my own Pippin, we will not have any in our area. Time will tell how our squirrels will fare. Until then, we will have plenty of deer and fat rippling groundhogs to fill our days with country charm.

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Sunday, August 16th, 2009
3:15 pm - Centerpiece drama
For whatever reason, the other night I simply could not sleep. Why, you may ask? I had this sudden wave of panic strike me on the topic of centerpieces. You know for my wedding reception that we still havent really chosen a venue for. Centerpieces really should be rather low on the "need to think about" list.. though I noticed that it isnt on my wedding planning checklist. Someone somewhere has to think about them some time!!

My friend Andrea had a little vase with shasta daisies in them, which is what all the bridesmaids carried. Since my wedding party is essentially going to be carrying whatever wildflowers are around that day, I imagine that it might not work.. and Ive really been pushing myself to do things creatively. One candle, a little vase of flowers wont cut it.

So I've been spending some free time searching the internet to rather little avail. I feel like I should use the centerpieces to tie the whole wedding "theme" together. The theme being something like Spring and Scotland. So I think instead of doing a full meal sit down reception at an absurd hour at night (will be at least 8pm before we get there), we'll do a tea. Eh, really just throwing ideas around right now. We'll work on it.

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Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
10:14 pm - Updated 61 weeks ago
That's a damn long time. Synapsis of a few things since then: I moved way too much and am now in my own (but rented) place in West Virginia with my man, we've finally set a date to get married after what Margaret calls "the world's longest engagement", we're trying to buy a house, and.. I've got a million fur kids now accumulating to two rabbits, two cats, two hermit crabs, and a silly dog.

I've been thinking lately, how I am such a bad correspondant. I have a tendancy to send a huge novel as an email (if one ever escapes my computer) which essentially causes myself exhaustion and or the exhaustion of my reader. It seems as though I've really.. always done this. Eventually, one or the other does not write back and instead of shooting off a short email just to say hi or anything, I end up not writing at all. For years in some cases.

Only reciently, I've started getting in touch with my old college roommates (obviously NOT referring to a certain satanic freshman experience) and I've found myself spending more time talking to Andrea via phone or coffee/sushi. Ali, on the other hand, is in Mississippi these days for reasons I cant quite explain and is really only available by novel emails. These, I have actually been faithfully replying in likewise and unrelenting.. novels. The deal is that she wants me to join facebook.

Let me explain.

I have been very severe on facebook since they were essentially being used by (and I'm certain to offend many. deal.) middle school kids trying to win a popularity contest by having a million "friends" that they care nothing for. And more than likely causing these said "friends" to gouge their eyes out after reading about their sad tormented middle school drama. I went through middle school. And high school even. Yay. Dont wish to go back. I've kept in sorta touch with those I really care about, which means I talk to Amanda every once in a while, just got into a silence match with Victoria, and.. text Murphy every once in a while.

For those that dont know her, Ali can very persuasive. Even when she has no reasonable argument. She talked me into buying a 10 gallon aquarium set up in college that we had to empty and take with me (trying to keep delicate fishies alive) for the trip home at least twice a semester. ABSURD! The super persuasive argument that caused me to torture myself with water quality? Puppy dog eyes. Im such a sucker.

And now this sucker is contemplating jumping on the stupid facebook wagon.

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Sunday, June 8th, 2008
7:34 pm - Vacation in a nutshell
All the doctors went to a conference most of this week, forcing vacation on the rest of us. Since John’s family decided not to go to the beach this year, it wasn’t much of a loss in the vacation hours. I’d been terribly afraid that I’d be bored out of my mind, so I made my room into a sort of.. beach getaway. This essentially means that I put beach-ish sheets on the bed (whee!).

Amazingly enough, I hadn’t gotten through an entire day without cleaning. Immediately. I cleaned my room. I cleaned the bathroom. I then cleaned the kitchen (including the stove and microwave!), the bunnies’ cage, the aquarium, etc. The I polished everything off with the vacuum! Crazy, I know. I really felt like Grandma, but I’m also proud of myself and can go to work tomorrow knowing that my apartment is CLEAN.

It still seems a bit unfair that it’s already over. No more vacation for the rest of the year. It’s all gone and I spent the week cleaning my imaginary beach house.

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Thursday, June 5th, 2008
8:52 pm - Retarded plants and cute fuzzies
For those of you who do not know already, I’ve moved to a cozy little apartment where have seen fit to cram all types of plants into my lovely large double windows. This jungle has now taken over a deal of space in my room and no jungle would be complete without a small army of fruit flies. Enough of them to defend a small country. All over the place!!! They are stirred up anytime I walk to my computer, like freshly settled dust.. except then they ALL follow me around with kamikaze attempts to gouge out my eyes and fly into my nose.

This brings me to today. While I was walking (quite innocently and rather unwilling to spend unnecessary money) through Martins. I was seriously on my way out when I passed.. a Venus Flytrap. Perfect!!! It wants little flies, I want to be rid of them, perfect! Right? Well. I must have picked out a retarded one. Seriously, I left the lid off of it for hours until the little buggers settled in there and made themselves at home. I come back, slam the darn lid on them and.. nothing! I watch, horrified, as little fruit fly feet pitter patter ALL OVER the inside of the “leaves” or whatever they are, and they DON’T DO ANYTHING!! What more could it possibly ask for? I’m not going to jump about smashing the things and then hand feeding a PLANT. I’m not the hand feeding type. Exactly what am I supposed to do with a Venus Flytrap that wont trap flies?!

In other (more successful) news, I adopted an Aussie!!!! His name is Duncan (after a character from Monarch of the Glen) and he is to DIE for! Other than the fact that he destroyed a pair of my shoes, his other major problem is the fact that he’s so darn cute and loves EVERYBODY. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. However. I ironically live in one of the only apartment buildings that is festering with small children who adore him. Again, this might not be so bad if: 1) I didn’t hate small children, 2) they didn’t flock to him like moths to a flame and 3) if they didn’t knock on my door (unattended and never fully clothed) at all hours of the day and night. Seriously, they even told me that they knock on the door even when I’m not home just so they can hear him scream out from his crate. Good job on the parenting front there.

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Thursday, February 21st, 2008
8:08 pm - Bustin’ Chops
For the past three days, I’ve been in a constant banter with Antech, the lab our vet practice uses to send out for certain tests. They have, no kidding, screwed up at least three perfectly coherent tests in the last three days. I had thought them to be idiot proof – I’d even highlighted multiple tests and wrote out which ones were to be done on which fluid (and labeled the tubes appropriately). The problem is that two of the tests still have yet to be corrected and they keep lying to me about it. It’s difficult to get into specifics without completely losing anyone who isn’t familiar with veterinary tests, so I’ll leave out the gory details. Just to give you an idea, Ive talked to 10 different people at that lab within the last three days concerning the SAME THREE TESTS (boy was yesterday the longest day ever or what?). Either way, I totally called them on it and I cant help but revel in the fact that I’m soooo right.

When I got home, I went to pay bills and busted more chops on my cell phone bill, while I simultaneously proved John wrong in a dispute over the artist of “Love Song”. Lemme tell ya, I am ON A ROLL!

Not to mention we saved a cat from the brink of death yesterday who had a meningioma (I just love how spell check doesn’t recognize it as a word – it’s a brain tumor, by the way) that was approximately half the size of the brain therefore was pushing the cerebellum out the little hole in the back of the scull. It had a hell of a time coming out of anesthesia and was still on a ventilator when I left yesterday. I came in this morning expecting to write a sympathy card and she was still alive!

Besides, one of the owners (of a cat that actually also had a meningioma that Dr. B plucked from his brain) brought us a whole thing of muffins. Awesome! Who needs fame and whatnot when you can have MUFFINS?

And now I need a drink!

Quote of the day:
“Sometimes I wish I had two hands”

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
9:57 pm - "Ghetto Grocery".. oh, I mean "Save A Lot"
A coworker of mine convinced me to drive with her up to West Virginia to check out this cheap grocery store that her cable guy referred her to. First of all, its her CABLE guy. Its like taking culinary advice from your plumber and his ass crack! Ive learned to be wary of cheap stores such as Bottom Dollar, Dollar General, and KMart because we actually have these things up here. Kelly, on the other hand, is from California and innocent of such horrors.

As we drove through the main part of town and didnt see the store, I became more and more wary. Finally we met the end of decent civilization and made the turn. There in the middle of Ghettoville was.. Ghetto Grocery! The best way to describe this place is to combine the quality of Bottom Dollar with the selection of Dollar General. JUST to emphasize my point, instead of chocolate in the line to check out was.. Pregnancy Tests!!! And you think Im kidding!

Poor Kelly apologized profusely for luring us into a potential death trap and thanked our lucky stars that we escaped unkilled.

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
8:26 pm - All I want for Christmas
Is to pay off my car loan! I just keep thinking to myself of all the monetary restrictions I would be able to lift if I could juuuust pay it off. Oh, and get a huge fat raise.

Work is always interesting. It may be frustrating, I may wish I could strangle several people at once, but one MUST grant that it is always interesting. We had a new patient the other day, a little teacup poodle that had a history of.. DYING. Seriously, this dog stopped breathing and had no pulse on three different occasions. Only at this job..

Don't get me wrong, the day usually has some sort of normal ebb and flow to it. Perhaps some semblance of order such as.. my day in a nutshell:
- Come in, look up bloodwork and print out call backs. Forget to clock in. Forget to tell anyone that you forgot to clock in
- Start appointment, try to make sense of the client's history of events as they argue whether the animal had their first seizure before or after their cousin's wedding ("or was that Bob's birthday?")
- Dr. T bitches about clients or referring vets ("why would they take xrays?! Why didnt they take xrays?!")
- Go into appointment, try to avoid getting bitten by previously affectionate cat
- Dr. B flies by cursing, bitching about people
- Try to draw blood from previously named evil cat and get scratched instead. Beg ER staff to do it instead
- Walk in on the wrong part of employee conversation (more on that later)
- Get bitched at by Dr. T
- Get bitched at by fellow tech
- Cuddle with a cute doggie. Chew on ears. Poke spots. Feel much better.

Now this conversation.. Ive been dying to make Dr. B's quote one of the day for a while now, but I feel as though it needs some background, so here is the jist of the conversation that ensued:
Tech: "Exactly what is a meningioma?"
Dr. T: "Hahha!! That sounds like a state! You just made up a state!"
Dr. B: "..in mixed company, I'd say it sounds like a female body part that no one's heard of. Who would have guessed?!"
Tech: "Dr. B!" *shocked gasp and stifled chuckling*
Dr. B: "You know, if her husband knew what a meningioma was, maybe they'd still be married!"

What a crazy life I do lead.

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
10:23 pm - Tangled web of goodness
Just a few good bits of news first –
1) I’m back in school(ish) to become a licensed vet tech, and my boss is paying for all but the first semester
2) I was promoted at work – partially has to do with the enrollment
3) Because of this, I am now able to move out. John and I get to do this on Saturday – how exciting!
4) John and I are engaged!!

Needless to say, the engagement thing requires a bit of expounding. Last week was seven full days of (almost) nothing but beach and bliss. Pippin and I went to the Outer Banks with John and his family! For a bunny who despises traveling so much, I’m really thinking that she is beginning to like it now that she isn’t always going to the vet when she is stuffed in her carrier. Good thing I got that collapsible dog crate..

But I digress. Monday evening, John took me and Deifenbaker (the stuffed Husky I bought that day) down to the beach where we walked along the shore with the sun setting behind us. We found a piece of plywood that had washed up on the shore, and he used it to kneel down and ask me to marry him. *squee!*

And just so you know, I’ve discovered the ultimate diet plan. When I went to the beach, I ate TONS of fudge. Not like it’s my fault they made it fresh and irresistible! Anyway, the point is that I pigged the fuck out, and when I came back, I didn’t weigh any more than normal. You know why? Because I didn’t weigh myself before OR after! Ha. I’m such a cheater.

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
12:26 pm - One of those updates

It comes to mind that I have failed to update my journal.. for a while. So, heres the update: I have a new job as an assistant for a veterinary neurologist. This essentially means that I do all the bitch work – what no one else feels like doing, generally. I clean the surgical instruments, the OR, poopy dog butts (if I’m lucky) and other interestingly varied bodily fluid spills. This can include, but is certainly not limited to such things as poop (enema, liquid, bloody or a combination. You name it, Ive cleaned it), blood (from just about any possible opening especially unnatural ones – splatter from the OR walls seems to be my specialty), pee (obviously), spinal fluid, puss/fluid from infected wounds, as well as chunks of disk, flesh, tumor, and whatever unidentifiable fleshy or bony substance one could think of.


As disgusting as it sounds, its actually really fascinating. When I’m not cleaning, I get the rewarding tasks of taking/testing blood or sitting in on surgeries/appointments. To ensure that I can advance further into the more rewarding part of this job, I am planning to enroll in an online course to become licensed as a Veterinary Technician. The only reason I have time to mention any of this is that our regular receptionist is off for the day and I am filling in, instead of running around cleaning.

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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
12:55 am - Another step
After two and a half years of working for Petsmart, though a change of departments where I do approximately an eighth of the work I did in aquatics, getting twice the praise for doing it, I find myself with the job title and pay I’ve wanted all along. This naturally means that I finally got the promotion that I was promised back in December and got a raise of pay to what I had been getting when I was fresh out of high school.

How perfectly ironic.

Though I may feel a wee bit cynical about the time it took to get here, I remain thoroughly pleased that it finally happened. Its nice to know that someone thinks that the work I do is worth even remotely close what I believe. To top it off, today was the very first time in the history of my employment with this company that I was acknowledged and praised for doing someone else’s job. Just every once in a while, I need to know that I am appreciated for being there, and I value that our new manager understands and utilizes this knowledge. Finally, someone to clean up after the mess Susan left behind. It’s a step in the right direction.

current mood: pleased

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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
1:09 am - Inevitable oldness
Most of the time we all float through life barely noticing the changes that occur. Not necessarily because we chose not to notice, but because things change so gradually that it simply doesn’t occur to you until some random autumn day. Today is that day.

Some things are obvious – my crayfish molted (she apparently had some difficulty with her antennas, she must have accidentally pulled them off in the effort). Perhaps she’s not significantly bigger as a result, but typically growth of a decent amount accounts for the shedding of an entire exoskeleton.

Others aren’t – Mal has been blind in one eye for quite some time now. It only recently occurred to me that I had him for a decent amount of time while I was at college, and I’ve been moved out for a year now. He’s probably about two years.. maybe even three. The longest living betta I’ve ever owned, and he’s WAY past his prime. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

Pippin had her annual vet exam this week and this Christmas will be her second (though she’s only a year old now). She’s changed so much! It’s difficult to remember that when I got her, she fit perfectly into a hamster cozy cup. There’s a professional photographer (the same company that took those pictures of Kiwi two years ago) and I took Pippin in for a sitting this morning before my shift. Looking at the pictures he was taking, I saw things that I never really noticed in person. That rather significant fat flap under her chin, the way her fur clings together slightly, slight graying around her mouth – all signs of age that I never really noticed before. The pictures are going to be insanely cute, by the way. SQUEE!

While I still live at home, I’ve noticed that my lifestyle has changed. I rarely even turn on my computer, much less get online anymore. The internet has become a useful tool with which I do little more than pay my continuously growing collection of bills. My job has become demanding in different ways, opportunities are actually beginning to arise, and I’m becoming more independent – meaning that I will shortly be on my own health, etc insurance and I finally set up that blasted 401k. It’s actually neat delving into the “real” adult world. I thought I’d hate it, but its actually exciting.

Did I mention that I’m getting new license plates for Tristan!? They’re the Bear Wildlife Conservationist plates, and I simply can’t wait for them to arrive.

My grandfather is dying of cancer. If I don’t take some vacation time to go see him next year with the rest of my family, then I may never see him again. Even though I don’t especially enjoy insanely long car trips, hate my destination even more, and don’t expect much of a warm welcome upon arrival, I’m going to do it.

Most years at this time, I look back with longing and trudge grudgingly on into an unsure future. And while the future remains unsure, I look forward to it. There isn’t really any sadness for what has happened, or of what might happen. Now it seems so much more clear that it’s all part of a circle simply continuing on it’s journey. It’s comforting to know that there’s neither a beginning nor end, that changes occur but the most important things will always stay the same.

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
1:41 am - Karma
Because surveys are fun even though the numbers are messed up!Collapse )

There was a customer in SLT last week who was unnecessarily rude. I’d been working my ass off for two days trying to get our cool weather turnouts and new products out on the shelf, so naturally, horse blankets are strewn everywhere and there were totes and flat carts all over. This guy comes barreling through my department and rams his cart into mine (holding the price gun, printer and a bunch of blankets) and has the audacity to verbally insult every effort I was trying to make for our customer’s future behalf.

Perhaps it’s just me, but being a dick isn’t going to make me want to help you, much less arrange my stuff just so you can get your cart around an already cramped end cap just because you’re too fucking lazy to go around the other side.

When I got home, I turned on an episode of Scrubs where the cast delves into the concept/existence of karma. It got me to thinking about what is considered karma.
1. Does the “balance that rules the universe” always come back to you? We don’t want this bastard getting off scott free!
2. Does karma dictate over ill wished thoughts or only actions? Is karma balanced out because I imagined elbowing him in the eye?
3. Is there an immediate punishment or could bad karma from your high school years wait to haunt you until your next life? How long should I have to wait before this guy trips and lands on his face?
4. If that is so, then how is one to learn a lesson when you he/she even remember the offense? I want him to realize what an asshole he’s been so he’ll shut it next time he’s lightly inconvenienced.
5. Is this why bad things happen to good people? Or why good things happen to bad people, for that matter?
6. What is the established exchange rate between good and evil karma? I like to picture him in the same situation, getting yelled at by a customer, but perhaps who knows what is as annoying to him as it is to me.

Perhaps in a way karma provides relief from a sense of duty people undertake to “get even” with wrong doers. Knowing deep in your heart somewhere that what goes around comes around keeps you in line as well as soothes anger towards your enemies. Not a bad philosophy if you ask me.

Nevertheless the reality of karma leaves me a little skeptical, but it is nice to think that rude customers will get what’s coming to them.

Quote(s) of the day:
“John, it is your duty to make sure that I don’t clip hair clips to my face.”

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Sunday, August 13th, 2006
11:20 pm - Welcome to the wonderful world of adulthood
Life has become a frenzy of work, money, trying to find my own place and those trifling wee troublesome things like sleeping and eating. While I thoroughly miss the enjoyment of consuming delicious food and properly appreciating it, I find myself shoveling half a jar of olives and frozen/dried fruit into my mouth while topping it off with a hardy third of a box of oreos. The future has fallen into a rut where only stockbrokers are interested in me professionally.

There really isn’t a whole lot to complain about really, when you look at it from a short term point of view. I am no longer working in the Specialty department at Petsmart - I have requested and been granted a permanent position in State Line Tack (the horse section). This section is extremely less demanding than the former, as a matter of fact, most days I have to try to find something to do. I now rejoice when there is a pallet of things for me to stock the shelves with, or a stack of price changes to make. Managers are afraid of SLT and steer WAY clear for fear of being asked a question by a customer. If they had spent any amount of time in my section, they would come to the swift conclusion that most every customer that comes into the section don’t need help. Since we’re usually scheduled alone (no need when there’s hardly anything to do), I’ve found myself attacking customers and clinging to them for companionship as well as refolding and reorganizing the entire section of children’s breeches, becoming enthusiastic when customers come by and move anything out of place.

The frenzy of work has slowed down considerably, just like the pressure to juggle everything necessary in aquatics. Suddenly I don’t dread work nearly as much, nor am I stressed out when I return home. This was an excellent opportunity.

Now all I have to do is find a career, an apartment, etc..

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Friday, June 30th, 2006
11:57 pm - Officially official fishal fish
As official as official can be, I am now the proud owner of a degree. That is to mean, they sent me the actual piece of paper, complete with Shepherd coloured ribbon. ..wonder how long it’ll take them to realize I still owe them money.
Shepherd person: “Umm, we just noticed you still have a balance on your account. Can you give us back the degree until you fork over those ten dollars?”

Oh, and just a few things now that I graduated and all. Mark Snell is probably one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever met in my life. I wasted most of my college career trying to believe that he might be a decent person (somewhere, deep down) only to get screwed over royally. I hear now that not only is he a douche bag, but he’s also an alcoholic. Perhaps I’d feel a little more sympathy if I didn’t know he brought it on himself. Pushing people to excel is one thing, but pushing them because it makes you think that you might actually have control over your life is another. And you know what? It’s not my problem anymore. Let Shepherd deal with it’s own mistakes – I guess there’s justice in the world after all.

On the other hand, I would very much like to credit the decent professors I’ve encountered that helped me in my journey. People such as:
- Dr. Hanak who made me want to learn about the Byzantine Empire when I never had any prior knowledge, much less interest in the subject. No one but Dr. Hanak could teach the History of boozing and wenching in an Early Christianity course. Just so you know, I never sold back those books. Hanak was - hands down - my all time favourite history professor.
- Dr. Ellzey for her totally fascinating classes (did I mention her Bible as Lit class? AWESOME!) and her kickass theatre group – the Rude Mechanicals to which I owe much sweat, blood, tears and even my boyfriend.
- Dr. Merz for connecting with his students. I had him for psych my Freshman year, and he still says hello to me in the hallway. Not to mention, he is always available if you need advice.
- Dr. Best who taught me that astronomy is MUCH more than just stars and planets – that math is not only not scary, but my best friend in his class. This man went out of his way to make himself available outside of class for the many students who couldn’t wrap their heads around all the physics. I will never forget his amazingly related funny stories, his eerie peripheral vision and STORMBRINGER!
- Dr. Benedict for making me believe that someone actually cares about the students when the system screws us over. I even named my aloe plant after him.

These are only a few of the more academically influential examples, but there’s plenty more to thank such as:
- Vernie, Jackie, Semona, and Dee at the dining hall for making it a pleasant place to visit.
- The Depot for providing a safe haven to meet, watch movies, earn money and cuddle with crazy cats. Not to mention that Margaret was my mentor, my mom away from mom (in both good and bad ways!) and my weird friend with an attitude. Don’t forget that little case of meeting John. :)
- On The Wings of Dreams for providing me with animal companionship that can only be provided by a dog.
- Maggie’s for actually having affordable herbs and an understanding of spiritual need for weird organic hippie stuff.
- Tony, James and Elizabeth for lending an ear while I was making adjustments, especially during my freshman year.
There are some others that don’t come to mind this late at night, but I’m sure they will forgive me.

All in all, it’s refreshing to know that even being the youngest sibling in my family, I am the first to graduate college. These aren't the Tony awards, and I'm not crying, so I can safely say: Congratulations to me!


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Friday, June 23rd, 2006
12:42 pm - Flight of the blackbird
Shortly after Lonan went off Baytril for his ear infection, his health was clearly declining rapidly. So much that I was extremely concerned for his comfort at least. One night, I concluded to give him a dose of Meloxicam which is a painkiller that he’d been off of for a week or so. That night he died and it ripped my heart out.

The next morning, I held a rite of passage and buried him, knowing at least that he didn’t die either alone or in pain.

I couldn’t stand to be in my room with that empty cage, so I concluded to stay at Dawn’s house while I was dog sitting. While I cried myself to sleep, the least friendly dog, Bear (one of the Shar-peis) laid down in my room and kept watch over me the whole night. The next morning I awoke bright and early to cold snorts all over my face and arms – all four dogs had come to wish me a good morning.

All this actually happened about a month ago, so everything is all right, and I could no longer resist a sweet little calico female hamster at my store. Her name is Cicily, and she spends all her nights diligently chewing on the bars of her cage. Even though she’s extremely fat, she still fits in Pantoufle’s old shoe and refuses to give it up even for a nice roomy tissue box. I’m not even sure that she runs in her wheel.

Pippin’s carpet finally came in! I also got a major discount on Petsmart stuff, so I.. um.. had to spoil her. She’s so happy in her new cage – no damage even to the carpet.. yet!
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